AC Tune Ups


Scheduling regular AC tune ups for the air conditioning system is affordable and a return on your investment is huge. Not only will this tune up and preventive maintenance avoid breakdowns but also improve the lifespan and overall efficiency of the AC. Below is what is included in the routine tune up of the AC.

Comprehensive cleaning of condenser coils for purposes of increasing efficiency and helping in reducing wear and tear on the system. A thorough evaluation of levels of coolants which are helpful in maintaining optimal levels of operation performance, lubrication of movable parts to remove friction and wear that increases your costs of energy, and a complete calibration of the thermostat to make sure that it is working well. A comprehensive ductwork inspection which may locate possible losses of energy, inspecting and tightening all electrical connections to verify system operations, and an evaluation for the performance of the blower and condition of the belt of the blower.


The Benefits and Savings of AC Tune Ups

The benefits of regular AC tune ups and preventive maintenance schedule may provide tangible returns of additional value to the system. Also, it lowers repair bills and lowers energy. Heating and air conditioning systems require regular tune ups to maintain your system and make sure that it continues to run hard and pull other amps. Additional amps are equal to high electricity bills. Dirty, clogged condenser coils which make the compressor to work hard could result in premature failure of the compressor.

Therefore, you need to pay high electricity bills and pay for replacement of the compressor very soon. These benefits exceed neglecting the air conditioning and heating by not carrying tune up and other air conditioning this maintenance schedule.


Contracts of air conditioning AC tune ups

Almost every air heating and conditioning AC tune ups contractors provides preventive plans for maintenance. They will care for the unit automatically regularly. The main benefits for these tune ups are two. The first one is that the equipment gets checked and cleaned by trained HVAC professionals with the awareness of common problems which occur with the air heating and conditioning system due to poor tune up. The HVAC professional will basically check the cleaning coils, check the charge of the refrigerant, check electrical components and connections, blow lines of the condenser, check the thermostat, check and change filters, and check amp draws for all motors that include the compressor for funny readings.

All of the above aspects, when checked by the right HVAC professional will give you the desired peace of mind. Your mind will be at peace that the system will provide you the desired comfort all through the season. This is not to mean that the systems will not breakdown but it means that it will not have a plague of common issues that come because of neglected AC tune ups.


Other benefits of AC tune up contracts

The secondary benefit of having air heating and conditioning AC tune ups contracts is that if the system breaks down, a lot of companies will give you discounts on parts and they will not charge you extra for coming to your house at night or on weekends. This is to mean that in case the system fails on Friday in the afternoon, if there is a tune up contract in place, then your system will start running before the weekend ends for as long as the failure does not include a major part. You need to ensure that you are checking with the air conditioning tune up company locally for all the benefits and options they bring with their maintenance. Plans of AC tune up are different from one company to the next; therefore, it is essential to shop in the market for you to get the best tune up plan for your home.


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