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About “AC Repair Service Company”

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your AC unit in order to save a bit on energy bills? If yes, it is the right time to do certain AC repair & maintenance tasks? As there are several handymen companies that provide AC repair and maintenance, which one will be the perfect fit for you? That is where we come handy with Free AC Estimates for your Home or Business. Yes, we are a reputed company specialized in both residential and commercial AC repair and services.

Our Promise and Values

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AC Repair Service Company

At our AC Repair Service Company, we are proud of our years of service from Martin County, Palm Beach County, Broward and Miami-Dade County, and the surrounding South Florida area. Although our company is privately owned, our records show it was established years ago and incorporated in Miami. Currently, the company offer Air duct cleaning, heating installation, emergency services, furnace repair and A/C repairs. Our customers praise our services due to our competence in service delivery and our fast and standard service.

Our company is pleased to serve both commercial and residential customers; our professional team [ac company west palm beach] is adequately prepared and with the necessary materials to help you with the sales, service and installation of the air conditioning comfort system that is ideal for your home or business. Whether you are seeking for plumbing and heating installations and repairs, we are her to help you.   We offer free estimates of your system. Whether you are looking for a new installation, routine maintenance or repairs, call us and we will be there in minutes to solve your case.

If your air conditioner is not working as expected to cool the air in your house, call our experts at our AC Repair Service Company, we are a certified company and our specialists are fully qualified and experienced to assist you in making your home perfectly comfortable.

Read on and learn about our products and services.

Here are the services offered:


AC Repair Service Company is a proud dealer of American standards and backs up it service with high-quality, dependable and pocket friendly heating and air conditioning solutions. For a free estimation for your project, you only need to call us and we will send one of our professionals for a face to face meeting to discuss your project and get to know you and your needs even better to make a good decision.


  • Air quality testing and control

Your air quality is not only determined by the quality of you indoor space and external pollution and independent ventilation. As a reputable AC company in Miami, we test the indoor air according to BREEAM requirements and according with BS ISO 16000-3:2011 an total volatile organic compounds in accordance with BS EN ISO 16000-6:2011. We also test the air quality according to IAQ requirements. So, you can be sure that your indoor air quality is healthy and pure for consumption.


  • 24 hour emergency air conditioning repair

Our company is equipped with the latest real-time USEPA approved monitoring instruments and our professionals apply recognized best practice throughout the testing process and deliver competent service in a 24 hours and 7 days basis. No matter your current situation, we are here to help you, just give us a call and our experts will be at your door to risque you.


  • Residential Air conditioning

Residential air conditioning problems are preventable and solvable. Our experts have years of experience [ac repair west palm beach] in solving such problems at the design stage and offer comprehensive service in the main areas influencing indoor environment including safety and health, system performance onsite and health of the residential occupants.  Our experts employ indoor air quality plans to ensure a serine air conditioning environment.



  • Residential Maintenance

We offer 100% satisfaction and written residential maintenance guarantees. We do this because our business depends on maintaining an excellent reputation, and we like keeping our customers satisfied with our residential maintenance services.


  • Commercial maintenance

We have years of experience and a top notch team of Air conditioning team that have the ability in handling all commercial maintenance requirements and challenges of your commercial cooling system.  We retain NATE-certified specialists with a wide variety of skills that allow them to effectively meet challenges that may arise with you commercial air conditioning system.


  • New AC System Design and installation

There is nothing bad than having a malfunctioning air conditioner when you need it the most. We focus our energy in resolve in resolving such problems by specializing in designing and installing new AC systems. We employ two factors to efficient AC design, they include: building an efficient AC system, which entails employing the HVAC quality installation standards as stated by the Air conditioning contractors of America. Also, we ensure proper utilization of computer software programs in understanding the parameters of the design.

Further, we also install the complex dust system, which is responsible for moving conditioned air throughout your apartment after the AC unit removes the heat from it. Our technicians make sure to adhere to computer-rendered optimal system design, so that you don’t experience an exaggerated energy bills, poor air quality, loud noises and discomforts.


  • Air conditioning unit replacement

We update the existing AC system with new ones. We use our experienced professionals with the ability to help you design and discuss the requirements need to provide a detailed solutions and implement the replacement work more efficiently and effectively. Our experts have years of experience and used to work in occupied areas with minimal disruption.

  • AC Troubleshooting

Our AC troubleshooting experts are a team of dedicated professionals who have the ability and skills to do their job right. They have extensive training in proper troubleshooting techniques in a wide variety of AC equipment types, brands and models, ductless heating and cooling units and commercial HVAC systems.   If you are not sure of the system that you are using and have you malfunction problems then, call us and we will walk you through all of you options and diagnose every problem with the AC and advice you adequately on what needs to be done for the system to work as expected.


  • Heating repair

All our experts are experienced in heating system repairs and discuss any question you may have concerning you AC and review the system to give you the comfort you deserve. If your AC is malfunctioning, our experts calculate every requirement that your AC needs and does a complete repair job to restore the system to its optimal operation level. 


  • Electrical repair and maintenance

Alongside AC installations and repairs, we also do electrical repair and maintenance to ensure your home appliances are working accordingly. Our professionals have years of experience and the knowhow to repair and maintain a wide variety of home electrical appliances including fridge, TV and many more. Why not rely with the experts today for all your home appliances repair and maintenance. Our costs are pocket friendly and we handle every job professionally and leave every electrical appliance working as expected.


  • AC tune ups

Are you longing to come home to a fresh, cool indoor environment? Our experts have the skills and ability to have you air conditioner tuned up to keep your indoor cool with minimal impact to your utility bills. With our AC tune ups, you can avoid costly repairs by maintaining your AC occasionally and avoid unnecessary conditioner repair. If you are looking forward to keeping your AC running at its most efficient, call our professionals and you will be certain to have your AC tuned up for optimal performance and less maintenance costs. 


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  • Monthly AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is essential to get it to optimal performance, and regular maintenance is cost effective compared to waiting for more costs as a result of major repairs. Why wait for major repairs while we offer you a monthly AC maintenance plan that’s not only cost effective but also very effective and fast. Don’t wait until you system to start malfunctioning to make that call, call us today and signup for a monthly AC maintenance plan and thank me later.


  • Preventative AC maintenance

At AC Repair Service Company we offer quality and effective maintenance services that will keep your AC system running for longer with elevated efficiency. Our experts boast quality maintenance services and use recommendable products to replace the old systems and give their maintenance service to the best of their capability to ensure durability and efficiency of the AC system.


  • Water heater hookups

We offer water heater services in Miami, including hot water heater maintenance, repair and replacement. Our experts are certified and with years of experience and available on a 24/7 basis. Through our experts, we have managed to keep our customers satisfied with new water heaters installation, including energy tank-less systems. With us, you can never go wrong with water heater hookups. 


  • AC precision tune up

The worst thing is having an AC malfunction on a winter season. To avoid such, we use precision tune-ups for your air conditioner to ensure efficiency of the system and that you stay worry-free of heating and cooling. We employ precision tune-ups to also help in lowering your energy expenses. We offer a more thorough inspection than our competitors and when you enroll with us, you get to have various service advantages including visual system inspection to make sure the system is working smoothly [air conditioning companies in palm beach county].

  • AC ductwork

At AC Repair Service Company we understand the principles of installing, maintaining and repairing AC duct. Our experts have experience and skills in AC ductwork and use the latest technology to handle AC ductwork professionally and efficiently. We make sure every duct work is conducted by a professional and that he delivers quality service to our customers. We equip our experts with the latest and technological advanced equipment to perform a high quality AC ductwork service to Miami and its environs residents.


  • Piecework and subcontracting

At AC Repair Service Company not only do we do a full contract job but we also offer our service for hourly payments. We evaluate the job and charge our clients accordingly to avoid over changing our clients or undercharging them. We offer standard prices for hourly jobs and always maintain a pocket friendly price for our services. Whether you have a full contract or a sub-contract, don’t hesitate to call us and we will be more than ready to help you to resolve the issue with your AC at a fair price.       


  • Freeing issues

We understand all the AC freeing issues and have the knowhow to completely resolve the problem to ensure a constant humidity and to keep the air flowing in your apartment efficiently to avoid disrupting your air conditioner’s functionality. We ensure all your filters are dirt free through regular tune ups. Also we install a programmable thermostat that automatically gets ahead of the problem by shutting down the Ac when temperatures go below 60 degrees.


  • Thermostat Issues

We understand the five most common thermostat issues that affect most AC systems and complex thermostat issues that affect both commercial and residential Ac systems. Our well trained and competent have the skills and knowledge to resolve any AC thermostat issue and bring the whole system to optimal performance. Call us today and thank me later. 

  • Duct cleaning

We provide duct cleaning service and utilize vacuum, brushes and cleaning chemicals to scrub the inner side of you AC system and remove any duct to increase the health of your apartment inhabitants. Our experts [air conditioning companies west palm beach] work hard to make sure very part of the AC system is cleaned accordingly and effectively to reduce the amount of contaminants in your indoor air. 


  • UV Lighting AC systems

At AC Repair Service Company we use UV lighting AC systems to kill all kinds of molds and bacteria in your HVAC system. Our experts are well informed about the priorities of indoor air quality and the best types of UV lights to use for residential HVAC systems. So, you can be sure of healthy and quality UV lighting AC systems with our services.


  • Air Sterilization UV lights

We use the air sterilization UV lights to kill bacteria and molds in the air to keep it safe for consumption. We understand how contaminated air can attribute to health problems, as such; we use the UV lights to kill any unseen air contaminant to keep the indoor air safe and healthy. We install these UV lights at a pocket friendly price and maintain them on a regular basis to ensure you are breathing health air at all times.

Calls us today for all your AC problems and we will be more than glad to assist you.


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