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Do you want to improve the efficiency of your AC unit in order to save a bit on energy bills? If yes, it is the right time to do certain AC repair & maintenance tasks? As there are several handymen companies that provide AC repair and maintenance, which one will be the perfect fit for you? That is where we come handy with Free AC Estimates for your Home or Business. Yes, we are a reputed company specialized in both residential and commercial AC repair and services.

Right from ac repairs, ac installations to Monthly AC Maintenance contract, our technicians are expert in almost all makes and models of air conditioning equipment to repair your AC service requirements professionally. At AC Repair Service Company, our trained professionals offer all type of Split and Window AC repair & service solutions in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner. With several years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, AC Repair Service Company becomes the most trusted and leading AC repair service provider who committed to offering quality doorstep services, which would keep your air conditioning system cool and run perfectly throughout the summer season.

What Type Of AC Services Do You Need?

Air Quality Testing and Control:

Air quality testing is nothing but a process in which we sample and test the quality of air. In this way, we help you understand the air quality affected by pollutants over time. Furthermore, we give you trends and patterns regarding the quality of the air, whether it is degrading or improving. As we have expertise and experience in air quality testing and monitoring, we take care of Ambient & Indoor air quality testing and monitoring services for small businesses to huge multinational companies. Given below are steps to illustrate how we perform air quality monitoring services:

  • We collect air samples from the site
  • We use battery-operated instruments to measure real-time temperature, wind direction, humidity, and wind speed
  • We monitor human exposure to dangerous pollutants
  • Now, we detect and measure harmful gages available in collected air samples
  • At last, we offer solutions to enhance the quality of air in your company

AC Repair & Maintenance Service:

With AC Repair Service Company, you can rest assured that assistance is not far away as our 24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair helps you call out our service available throughout the year. Be it residential or commercial, we are on hand all the time to offer immediate assistance and expert suggestion anytime. Our AC service [air conditioning repair west palm beach] plans tend to provide a great preventative AC maintenance service solution for improving system resilience and increasing the lifespan of your cooling system.

  • Residential Air Repair Service

When it comes to your Residential Air Conditioning repair, AC Repair Service Company would be your most comprehensive resource because we are available round the clock to fix your air conditioning system at a reasonable price. Unlike other heating & cooling contractors, our company will not charge you by the hour. We let you know you an exact price before we start your work, as we can exactly evaluate how long your project goes and what materials it needs. This enables us to provide you with a firm price instead of charging you on an hourly basis. We assure that there is no surprise expense or hidden cost.

Scheduling a yearly Preventative AC Maintenance is the most important thing, which you could do to not just expand the longevity of your AC system but also to preserve the efficiency of the cooling units. In addition, trying to uphold the efficiency of the AC system at SEER rating will always help you save your energy bills. Best of all, regular Residential Maintenance of your AC system will keep the essential parts clean and operational.

  • Commercial Air Repair Service:

AC Repair Service Company would be a one-stop solution for your Commercial Air Conditioning service and maintenance. Whether you are in a high-rise skyscraper, a multi-level office building, or in a low-rise establishment like a school or shopping center, you will grab a variety of heating & cooling system accessible to match your comfort levels, within your economic condition. Do you need repairs or entirely new systems? We sell, repair, and maintain a selection of AC units across all major brands. Our company supply and repair:

  • Split systems heating & cooling
  • evaporative cooling system
  • ducted gas heating
  • refrigerated room air conditioner
  • packaged units
  • Add-on air conditioning services
  • Ducted reverse cycle AC

In commercial buildings, heating, cooling, and ventilation accounts for consuming the majority of the energy, it is important to make a wise decision while selecting a climate and supplier system. We understand the heating & cooling requirements of your industrial and commercial spaces. AC Repair Service Company can completely meet your essential HVAC service measures and build service needs. Our preventative Commercial Maintenance aims to offer effective onsite preventive care for your AC system to maintain it well tuned as well as in optimal working condition all the time.


New AC System Design and Installation:

While installation a brand-new air conditioner, you should never underestimate the significance of working with a qualified and experienced specialist. During the installation of an air conditioner, you should consider the size & shape of your building that affects ventilation, indoor temperature, and several other factors. As our team worked on innumerable houses and apartments of varying sizes, we assure that we will find you the right solution. Since our tools are top of the line, we recommend you a custom solution, which factors the size of your budget and your home.

Air Conditioning Unit Replacement:

If summer is on the way, you need to have your cooling system [ac installation west palm beach] running without a hitch. What can you do? Never panic because the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning expert at our AC Repair Service Company can do AC Troubleshoot to make it running smoothly once again. After troubleshooting the problems, we suggest you whether your AC unit needs repair or replacement. If possible, we fix the issues and get it in optimal working condition. Otherwise, we replace the failed parts with the genuine one.

How We Address Common AC Problems:

Heating Repair – Our technicians consider your safety, comfort, and welfare in mind all the time so that you can rely on us for your heating repair needs.

Electrical Repair and Maintenance – We check electrical contacts and connection because corrosion of wire terminals is often a problem in several systems. The fan controls and compressor could also wear out, particularly when the AC units turn on or off frequently.

AC Tune Ups – We provide a professional tune-up to help you avoid repairs at the time of summer. We can also help you save money throughout the summer by making your AC last longer and energy efficiency.

Water Heater Hookups – To assure your water heater gives years of excellent service, trust our comprehensive water heater installation service. We tend to install different system types, sizes, and brands including tankless, tank, heat pump, and solar water heaters.

AC Precision Tune Up – Your HVAC system needs routine tune-ups in order to operate in a safe, reliable, and effective manner. We provide unique precision tune-up solution that includes everything to restore your HVAC system to its best condition.

Air Conditioning Ductwork – As air conditioning seems to be a complex system, it needs an effective air duct, which circulates the conditioned air. We provide well-designed, sealed, & maintained ductwork to help you feel the full benefits of your AC system.

Freezing Issues – A frozen air conditioner would not just cool improperly but also get severe damages in the long run. Therefore, let us find a solution to address this issue as immediately as possible.

Thermostat Issues: Coolant leaks, system overheating or erratic changing of temperature gauge reading are some common signs indicating a failing or bad thermostat. Never worry, as our technicians can come and diagnose the problem to find the right solution for you.

Duct Cleaning: AC Repair Service Company is an indoor air quality expert, which provides air duct cleaning to every homeowner for getting a better indoor environment.

HVAC UV Light Installation:

Installing UV lights in your HVAC system will clean the air and also keep your heating & cooling unit much more efficient. We install standalone, portable UV Lightening AC Systems anywhere in your home or office. When it comes to HVAC UV Lights, we offer two basic types including air sterilizers and air handler coil sterilizers.

  • Air Sterilization UV Lights – UV lights of this type will clean air while moving through the system.
  • Air Handler Coil Sterilizers – Sitting near the coils, this UV light will constantly run to keep contaminants at bay.

Depending on your personal and home needs, we offer sterilizing benefits to reduce repair work and maintenance activities.

Why Choose Us For Your AC Repair And Maintenance:

When you work with our technicians, the quality you could expect from us include

  • Fair market pricing
  • quality work
  • fast response time
  • friendly service

If you are searching for an AC repair service, call us today because we provide a 100% customer satisfaction assurance and could schedule an appointment for meeting your needs.


Here is a list of our services you can get at Best AC Repair Services Company in West Palm Beach:

1) Free AC Estimates
2) Air Quality Testing and Control
3) 24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair
4) 24/7 repair service
5) Residential Air Conditioning
6) Residential HVAC Unit Installations
7) Residential Maintenance
8) Commercial Air Conditioning
9) Commercial Maintenance
10) Commercial HVAC Unit Installations
11) New AC System Installations
12) Air Conditioning Unit Replacement
13) AC Troubleshooting
14) Heating Repair
15) Electrical Repair and Maintenance
16) AC Tune Ups
17) Monthly AC Maintenance
18) Preventative AC Maintenance
19) UV Light Air Quality Services
20) Water Heater Hookups
21) AC Precision Tune Up
22) Air Conditioning Ductwork
23) Piecework and Subcontracting
24) UV Light Installation
25) Freezing Issues
26) Eco-Friendly UV Lights
27) Thermostat Issues
28) Duct Cleaning
29) UV Germicidal Lights
30) UV Lighting AC Systems
31) HVAC UV Lights
32) HVAC Repairs
33) Air Sterilization UV Lights
34) HVAC UV Light Installation

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