Freezing issues


Many people own homes with septic systems. Nevertheless, in case you do not take good care for the system from where it connects to the home and then until where the tank is found, the cost can be very high not to mention the freezing issues it may subject to the family.

Do you know that lack of snow coverage may result in a problem? In case there is no enough snow to cover the tank, frost can get deep in the ground and result in freezing issues also. Any sort of path be it from the snowmobile, ATV, human, or even livestock moving across the lines or tank may result in freezing problems. Therefore, to protect yourself from such issues, place posters that indicate the location of the tank and lines so that everybody stays clear of the area.

Lack of plants covering the area may also lead to freezing for the septic system. Many firms recommend that you allow for vegetation to cover or remain uncut after September because it will provide additional insulation to your system. Vegetation will catch added snow and help in insulating the system.

Do not go a plumber; employ a professional to be checking it at least once per year to ascertain if there are any leakages or condensation in the plumbing fixtures from the humidifier or furnace. Slow moving water via the discharge line is sufficient to result is buildup of ice that will plug the line. In case you come across a leak, ensure that it goes in a pail that gets dumped often to avoid a frozen septic. You may also look in the use of a small condensation pump or heat tape that may be crucial for some situations.

The irregular utility of the septic system may also result in freezing issues. Insufficient temperatures may be in the home where there are long periods of no use since people will travel south for winter. You can avoid this by planning. Schedule the laundry to be working at least once a day and utilize warm water settings, use hot water bath, or use the dish washer daily. Having thoughts of leaving the water to run continuously? This may result in another issue of hydraulic overload in the system. If case you own a cabin, the use of hot water is not optional, then the repair professional will have to be contacted to discuss the remedy that will keep the system from freezing.

The landscape of pipes also plays a part for keeping the situation of freezing from taking place. If the pipes do not have the right slope, which may occur due to roots, setting, vegetation planting, or have sagged from time lapse, then they can end up freezing. In case the system has a pump line, the sewage requires having the ability to drain back to the pump tank every time the pump goes off. Make sure that you check for maintenance hole covers and damaged or broken inspection pipe caps.


Commonly asked questions


What if the whole septic system freezes?

When your septic system develops freezing issues, you will have to call the onsite professional to come and rescue you. There are no buts and ifs about this situation. Do not try adding anything on the system like the antifreeze, septic system additives, and salt. By law, you cannot pump the sewage to the surface on your own. Do not attempt starting a fire on the system or run water to try thawing the freeze.


Can you prevent your system from freezing?

Yes, there are a few things that may be of help. Try putting an additional twelve-inch mulch on the tank and pipe lines to act as additional insulation. There are so many versions of this mulch that may be of help and any professional company or landscape company should have the ability to provide the best indication of the type that will work best for you. This can only be done to a newfangled system that does not have vegetation growth on it.

The preferred prevention to do is watching for any sign that may or will soon be having issues with the septic system. Indicators include ponding and seeping. If you identify anything, call the professional to discuss the issue and the best remedy for your freezing issues.



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