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Welcome to our AC Repair Service Company UV, makers of the world’s best whole-house UV light and activated carbon air purifiers. Our products clean the air throughout your home or business because they are installed directly inside your central air system. Microbes and odors are eliminated as air cycles repeatedly through the system.

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We all need clean air to be healthy and thrive. According to the EPA indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outside air. AC Repair Service Company UV products protect your family or business, extend the life of your air system, and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

The Other Two Thirds

Indoor air pollution can be divided roughly into thirds:


Conventional filtration is effective against particulates, like dust, but has no effect on the other two thirds. AC Repair Service Company UV light products, such as Blue-Tube UV, are proven to sterilize biological contaminants like mold, germs, and viruses in the air and on air system surfaces. Our award-winning APCO products neutralize odor-causing VOCs as well as biological contaminants inside the air system and throughout the home.

Does your air ducts have mold? Does your family suffer from allergies? Do you have issues with the quality of your indoor air?

So the installer of your HVAC UV lights or air duct cleaner might recommend the installation of UV light in the air handler to kill the microbes while passing in the system. Do they work?

Not everybody really needs these lights because they cost some amount and their effectiveness varies as per your situation. Nevertheless, they provide tremendous relief in humid, hot areas and for those people that suffer from allergies.

How do they function?

These lights are extremely effective but their functionality is perfect in a specific range. They kill organic growths like bacteria or mold but have no effects on pet dander, dust, and other allergens. In many residential cases, the HVAC Company will install HVAC UV Lights near coils to prevent bacteria and mold growth while air is passing through. Since all air is passing through the coil, it also kills growths found in the air. These lights are very effective in humid climates where the evaporator coils get wet with ease.

These lights are recommended for home use for those people that have severe allergies. It may not kill one hundred percent but they reduce much of common allergens. They kill bacteria and get majority of mold spores before getting blown in the system. There is a difference when you use these systems in your home when it comes to the quality of your air. The cost of the system depends on the HVAC unit size.

How do you maintain these lights?

UV light is a single element with an effect plan of maintenance. You still have to utilize the high quality air filter and make sure that you change filters and check it constantly as required.

These lights require routine maintenance, which includes regular cleaning and bulbs should undergo replacement each year. It is effective but no very cheap, these bulbs degrade with time and because of this, it is recommended that only those people with serious issues like chronic pulmonary disease to use them.

In case you bought the machine service contract, ask the contractor if he will include replacement of bulbs and replacement when doing routine maintenance. Cleaning the air duct by use of reliable contractors will help in reducing debris and allergens also.

Since the first use of UV lights in treating tuberculosis in 1903, these lights have been undergoing use and they have widely been adapted for different kinds of usage like sterilizing water, sterilizing hospitals, curing nail polish faster, and germicidal lamps in establishment of food. If this light is very effective, how can you use it to improve the quality of indoor air with your system? Will the light kill bacteria and mold in the HVAC system? Yes, but you will have to understand your priorities for the quality of your indoor air and the types of available lights for HVAC system in the home.

After the installation, the technician will install HVAV UV lights in the air handler, which has to remain on at all times. According to technicians, this light is perfect for controlling mold in the air handler. All molds in the sight of the UV light will get killed and the coil will remain free of mold. Family members with respiratory issues have the ability to tell if the bulb has burned because of reduced quality of air. Can you tell?

Types of these HVAC UV Lights

Two types of this system are available on the market.

Coil sterilization

This is a stick type of light put in the return air duct to sterilize the air handler coil. Coil sterilization runs at all times and is the commonest type of HVAC UV lights. It also has very reasonable prices.

Air sterilization

This is a complete unit of UV light to sterilize moving air. The light unit is installed inside the return duct and cycles with the air handle blower. There are top-rated manufacturers for these products in the market.


These HVAC UV lights are estimated to last at least nine thousand hours, which is over a year. You will require seventy dollars to purchase a replacement bulb. Replace your bulb during each maintenance and service.

Indoor Air Quality Primacies

While these lights are good for killing odors, germs, bacteria, and mold, ensure that you have finished basics of air quality.

The things which need to do during the service include sealing ducts during construction and renovation, installing ducts in the conditioned space, ensuring air tight ducts and sealing the joints with mastic. You will also have to install high-MERV filters, install the HVAC UV lights system, and then conduct regular maintenance that includes cleaning the coil annually, and change filters monthly.


The common benefits are controlling bacteria and mold, reducing flus and colds, reducing odors or smell, and remove VOCs. They are very effective during humid climates than dry ones, reduces clogging in condensed drain lines to prevent algae growth, and maintain a clean coil for reducing electric cost and improve cooling efficiency.




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