Preventative AC Maintenance


The air conditioner’s coils, fins, and filters require continuous maintenance for it to function efficiently and effectively throughout its life. Neglecting the required maintenance will ensure a decline in the performance of the conditioner while the energy increases steadily. Check out the preventive AC maintenance to know about the ways of improving the efficiency and comfort for the conditioner.

It is good to employ an HVAC firm to maintain and inspect the system after every spring and fall. They will do everything like inspecting and cleaning the wiring and mechanism of the units, which is extremely challenging for a homeowner. However, you can prolong its life and increase its efficiency on the system if you decide to follow the maintenance plan.



The most crucial task of maintenance will make sure that the efficiency of the conditioner to routinely clean and replace the filters. Dirty, clogged filters reduce the efficiency of the system and blocks normal flow of air. With the obstruction of normal air flow, air which bypasses the filter will carry dirt to the evaporator coil directly and then impair the heat absorbing capacity of the coil. Replacing clogged, dirty filter with a clean one will lower the energy consumption of the coil by fifteen percent.

For centralized air conditioners, filters are found along the length of the duct. Common locations of the filters are in furnaces, ceilings, walls, or inside the conditioners. Air conditioners of the room have a mounted filter inside the grill facing into the room.

Some filter types are reusable while others have to be replaced. They come in various efficiencies and types. While doing preventive AC maintenance, you need to know that you will have to either replace or clean the filters of the system after two months in the cooling season. The filters need frequent attention if the conditioner is in continuous use, dusty conditions, or if you have fur bearing pets in your house.


Air conditioner coils

The evaporator coil for the air conditioner and the condenser coil collect dirt during the month and years of functionality. Clean filters prevent the coil from soiling very fast. In time, the coil will also collect dirt. The dirt reduces the flow of air and insulates your coil, reducing its capability to absorb heat. To avoid this issue, check the coil annually and clean it as required.

Outdoor condenser coil while doing preventive AC maintenance can get very dirty when the outdoor environment is dirty or when there is foliage in the vicinity. It is easy to see the condenser coil and realize if there is dirt on the fins. You need to minimize debris and dirt near the condenser unit. The lawn mower, falling leaves, and dryer vents are potential sources of debris and dirt. Cleaning area surrounding the coil, trimming foliage to at least two feet, and removing debris allows for adequate flow of air around the condenser.


Coil Fins

Aluminum fins on the condenser and evaporator coils are bent easily and can block flow of air in the coil. Wholesalers of the air conditioner sell the fin comb tool to get it back to the original condition.


Condensate Drains

Pass the wire stiff occasionally in the drain channel of the unit. Drain channels that are clogged prevent the unit from reduced humidity and the resultant moisture may discolor the carpet or walls.


Window Seals for the Room Air Conditioner

At the beginning of all cooling seasons, inspect your seal in the air conditioner and the frame of the window to make sure that it contacts with the metal case of the unit. Moisture may damage the seal, which allows for cool air to escape the house.


Winter preparation

During winter, for preventive AC maintenance, cover the conditioner of the room, store it, or remove it. Covering the outdoor unit will help in protecting the unit from debris and weather in winter.


Hiring a technician

When the air conditioner requires more maintenance regularly, employ the professional service technician. A trained technician will fix the problem found in the air conditioning system.

The technician has to check the right refrigerant, test the refrigerant leaks by use of a leak detector, and capture any refrigerant to be evacuated in the system, instead of getting it to the atmosphere illegally. He will also check and seal any leakage in the systems, measure the flow of air via the evaporator coil, and verify correct electrical controls and make sure that the system of heating and cooling cannot work at the same time. He will inspect electrical terminals, tighten and clean connections, and apply coating when necessary. He will then oil the motor, check for belt wear and rustiness, and then check the thermostat for accuracy.

While you may have thoughts that you are fine without preventive AC maintenance, it is vital to know that maintaining your system is very important. Without it, you may end up with a system that is faulty while it is something you would prevent. You need to know that there is no convenient time for the AC to break.



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