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Everything you need to know about Air Conditioning Unit Installation and Repair


Don’t get caught in the heat without your AC

Imagine this scenario. It’s been a sultry day and you had to drive all day in the blazing sun and dust. All you want right now is to find the Residential Air Conditioning of your own comfortable home and unwind with a cool drink. And just when you need it the most, the AC decides to conk out. You see your family suffering under the sweat and heat. Even the sanest of individuals are liable to lose their temper when stuck in rooms with a non-functioning AC. You need to cool things down, quite literally.

AC Repair Service Company – The long-trusted AC experts

When you think of ACs, most people living in Florida think of AC Repair Service Company. If you have got an AC problem, or need a new one installed, we have got the right solution for you. Our super-prompt any-time Residential and Commercial Maintenance services are a byword for every single customer we have served in our long journey. Just give us a holler for Free AC Estimates for your Home or Business and a representative from AC Repair Service Company Conditioning Unit Installation and Repair Services will be at your doorstep in no time.

Our team of licensed, highly trained and experienced technicians ensures that your AC is installed and/ or repaired with the minimum disruption possible to your daily routine. One service session with us and you can bet your cooling systems will be running smoothly for the foreseeable future. Say goodbye to your worries about warranty and city code compliance – we will take care of it all. 

Our team members will systematically carry out:

  • New AC System Design and Installation
  • Installation for Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Scheduled Residential and Commercial AC service and maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Unit Replacement
  • AC Troubleshooting
  • Heating Repair
  • Electrical Repair and Maintenance
  • Air Quality Testing and Control
  • 24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

We believe when it comes to Residential Air Conditioning, the installation of your unit is only the first step of the task. You need to be able to maintain and service that unit properly, to both maintain optimum air quality at your home or office and to ensure that the large chunk of money you invested in buying the unit keeps you in good stead for years to come. We can help you keep it cool!

At AC Repair Service Company Conditioning Unit Installation and Repair Services, we believe in being transparent and earning trust from our customers. That doesn’t just apply for assembling the best team of technicians [commercial ac unit west palm beach] with spotless backgrounds and our strict rule about no hidden service charges. It means we align our interests with yours and will always try to find the most economical and practical solution to your problems. We will never ask you to replace your unit unless there is a critical and justifiable need to do so. And whenever you call us for a tiny spot of maintenance, repairs or unit replacement, you will always get prompt, courteous service that will leave you with a smile for a long time to come.


Air Conditioning Maintenance

Whether its Residential Maintenance or Commercial Maintenance, there are a number of problems you could experience with your AC. These can include but are not limited to extreme variations of temperature, not reaching thermostat temperature, dead AC units, hot air, unit taking longer to cool each time or loud noises or leakage from your AC unit. 

While we will always advice caution and relying on experts, there are a number of steps you can take with AC Troubleshooting by yourself to see if they solve the problem.

– Keep your AC clean

Your air conditioner needs to be clean and free of any potential obstructions to ensure optimum airflow. This will ensure that the unit remains free of stress and functions the best. You also need to be careful about debris from any plants or vegetation or anything that might block the airways of the unit.

  • Clean vents make for clean air

This is a highly overlooked fact in both Residential Maintenance and Commercial Maintenance. Vents naturally attract dust and dirt that tend to stick to its surface. This can lead to increased dirt circulating in your home and also makes for poor air quality.

– Change your Filter regularly

We all lead busy lives and keeping track of regular filter change may be tricky for some. But this is an indispensable part of being an AC owner. Note down your filter schedule in your diary or add a reminder on your phone to check your filter every month, but make sure you clean it regularly. This is especially necessary during summer months when the unit is used 24×7.

  • Turn to the broom

Pests can be a huge problem when it comes to AC health. They get into the systems and can sometimes cause considerable damage. Keep your home pest-free so your AC runs smoothly with no impact on air quality.

However, all said and done, it’s a huge headache for regular homeowners to take care of AC units so thoroughly. To keep your AC running round the clock with minimal hitches, it is advisable to get in touch with professional services. AC Repair Service Company Conditioning Unit Installation and Repair Services can always help you out with our scheduled maintenance packages and AC tune-up services to prevent surprise breakdowns and other issues.

Regular tuning of your AC unit can also ensure lower costs in the long run, energy-efficiency of your unit, consistent performance, fewer repairs, better longevity and air quality and overall peace of mind and creature comfort.  Give us a call today for a Free AC Estimates for your Home or Business.

Insure your home for the best air quality

Why is indoor air quality so important?

Do you or a family member suffer from regular breathing problems that never occurred before? When was the last time you checked your indoor air quality? In the increasingly polluted world we live in, dust and dirt is always there in our homes even when they look clean to the naked eye. Dust particles sticking to your vents or unclean air filters can cause severe damage to sensitive lungs. The problem gets complicated even further if you happen to live in a highly humid area that can easily attract molds to put strain on your Residential Air Conditioning or Commercial Air Conditioning. Lengthy exposure to biological contaminants can initiate or aggravate a multitude of health conditions including persistent coughs or wheezing, nasal blocks, throat, skin and eye irritation or allergies and itinerant asthma attacks.

The solution, fortunately, is quite simple. A simple cleaning and regular scheduled Air Quality Testing and Control and maintenance [hvac repair west palm beach] of your AC unit can easily resolve the problem.


Contact AC Repair Service Company for Electrical Repair and Maintenance 

Electrical Repair and Maintenance can be a headache for both Residential Air Conditioning and Commercial Air Conditioning. AC Troubleshooting often requires thorough attention to home circuit systems. Not paying enough attention to detail in circuitry can result from annoying problems like the circuit breaker frequently tripping to potentially dangerous problems like unit stress or burnout. We encourage you not to let any electrical problem idle for a long time and contact us as soon as it arises. As always, our electricians come with the complete trust and reliability of AC Repair Service Company and will always comply with latest industry standards and safety regulations. Whether you simply require additional sockets around the house, child-proof them or need major electrical issues resolved in your home, our experienced electrical team can also counsel you on AC and electrical maintenance best practices, if required.

There are many issues that can come up with maintaining optimum cooling systems at your home or office. Sometimes the problems may be interlinked, such as water damage from the plumbing system causing mold and poor air quality in your home, or the electrical system not geared correctly to power your AC unit. Whether you need New AC System Design and Installation or are facing some sort of problem or emergency, AC Repair Service Company is always there to help you out with our 24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair (24/7 repair service).

We also undertake Commercial Air Conditioning, Commercial Maintenance and Heating Repairs. Give us a call today for Free AC Estimates for your Home or Business!

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